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CREATE Health, a Strategic Center for Translational Cancer Research, was created to meet the need of Translational Research and Precision Medicine. CREATE Health was one of the first initiative in this area and was inaugurated in 2006.  The translation of basic discoveries to the clinic is often slow, expensive, and demanding as it requires multi-disciplinary collaborations involving basic researchers, clinicians, pathologists, patients, and regulatory bodies. The management of cancer in the clinics also remains a major challenge. Thus, the focus of CREATE Health is to address these problems using cutting-edge technologies to solve the clinical needs. CREATE Health has a multidisciplinary environment with researchers and clinicians from four different faculties, faculties of Engineering, Medicine, Natural Science and Social Science. This unique environment has proven to be very successful. A unique translational research environment has been created.
CREATE Health, have a strong track record for rapid implementation of research into clinic applications, illustrated by e.g. novel molecular diagnostics for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. Please see major achievements and spin-outs for more information.