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Global Proteome Survey

Global Proteome Survey (GPS), developed at CREATE Health enables profiling of complex proteomes in a species/individual independent manner. It combines some of the most attractive features of affinity proteomics and mass spectrometry. In GPS the scFv antibodies, termed Context Independent Motif Specific (CIMS) antibodies, are directed towards sets of short peptide motifs present in up to a few hundreds of proteins. More specifically, the CIMS scFvs targets 4–6 amino acid long C-terminal sequence motifs of tryptic peptides and are termed context independent since they enables analysis of any protein sequence or entire proteome regardless of species. This means that the GPS platform holds great potential in targeting any proteome in a discovery directed manner.

Theoretically, the use of about 100 of these CIMS scFvs would cover 50% of the nonredundant human proteome. The GPS platform has been used to characterize breast cancer tissue samples and it has successfully described protein signatures correlated to histological grades of breast cancer.