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Translational cancer genomics and bioinformatics

Principle Investigator Thoas Fioretos


We translate genomic discoveries into improved clinical decision making, mechanistic understanding, and therapy of acute leukemia.

The overall objective of our research is to significantly improve the way in which acute leukemia is diagnosed, understood at the functional/molecular level, and treated within health care.

We work in three highly aligned and synergistic projects. In the first, new and clinically important genetic changes are identified prospectively in acute leukemia using integrative sequencing (WGS, WES, RNA-seq, and single-cell RNA-seq) and key findings are translated into improved clinical decision making. In the second project, newly identified genetic changes are functionally studied to delineate mechanisms underlying leukemia development. The third project is focused on identifying targets affecting leukemia stem cells and on providing in vivo proof of concept data for targeted therapies with a focus on antibody-based strategies.

We now offer a postdoctoral position to join our team working on integrative sequencing of acute leukemia and on developing bioinformatics tools to analyze and visualize the data. We work closely with healthcare in translating key findings into improved clinical diagnostics, with Genomics Medicine Sweden-initiative to implement precision medicine at the national level in Sweden, and with the spin-out BioIT company Qlucore to tailor clinical diagnostic needs to new software solutions. You are expected to work both on own projects and in common projects within the team, which today consists of 10 members (engineers, bioinformaticians, postdocs, and graduate students). 


Key requirements: 

  • PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology and genomics; or equivalent     
  • excellent knowledge in cancer genomics and/or leukemia genomics
  • experience in working with a terminal based in Linux environment and in working with at least one scripting language (e.g., R, Python, Perl or C++)


Advantageous skills:

  • experience in working with sequencing data (e.g., WGS, WES or RNA-seq), preferentially both wet lab and bioinformatics analyzes
  • >2 peer reviewed publications in reputable journals


Group website: Thoas Fioretos

Partners: Division of Laboratory Medicine, Region Skåne (health care); Qlucore AB (industry)