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Open postdoctoral research areas

CanLearn: Trustworthy Machine Learning for Automated Decision Making in Cancer Treatment and Care Pathways

PI / Research subject: Amir Aminifar / Electrical and Information Technology


Special requirements: PhD in health informatics, bioinformatics, or computer science, excellent skills in bioinformatics and with machine learning tools, e.g., Python. Excellent English. Strong publication record.

Exploring the rise of multicellularity on Earth an in the human body

PI / Research subject: Emma Hammarlund/ Translational Medicine

Special requirements: PhD in stem cell biology, pathology, cancer biology, etc.; strong publication record, excellent learning and communication skills

Next generation immuno-oncological targets for cancer therapy


PI / Research subject: Kristina Lundberg / Immunotechnology


Special requirements: PhD in immunology; strong publication record and communication skills

Spatially-resolved analysis of the tumour microenvironment

PI / Research subject: Sara Ek /Anna S. Gerdtsson / Immunotechnology


Special requirements: PhD in bioinformatics, immunology, cancer biology or similar. Experience in bioinformatics including R and/or Python.