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Postdoctoral research areas for call 3

Maintenance of cell stemness at physoxia – an evolutionary triumph

PI / Research subject: Emma Hammarlund/ Translational Medicine


Special requirements: PhD in stem cell biology, pathology, cancer biology, etc.; strong publication record, excellent learning and communication skills

Novel immuno-oncological strategies for improved cancer therapy

PI / Research subject: Kristina Lundberg / Immunotechnology


Special requirements: PhD in immunology or tumor immunology; experience in primary cell work in vitro assyas; strong publication record and communication skills

Phosphoproteomic-guided personalized cancer therapy

PI / Research subject: Magnus Jakobsson / Immunotechnology


Special requirements: PhD in proteomics, cancer biology, biomarkers, etc.; experience with proteomics and analysis of PTM and/or (prote)-omics data

Proteomics data mining for improved cancer precision medicine

PI / Research subject: Fredrik Levander / Immunotechnology


Special requirements: PhD in bioinformatics or computational biology; excellent knowledge in scripting and programming languages (R, Python/Java)

Spatial omics enables deep mining of the tumor microenvironment

PI / Research subject: Sara Ek / Immunotechnology


Special requirements: PhD in bioinformatics, immunology, cancer biology; experience in bioinformatics including R and/or Python; experience in tissue-based image analysis

The role of IL1 in tumor progression and immune evasion

PI / Research subject: Karin Leandersson / Translational Medicine


Special requirements: PhD in immunology; strong publication record; experience in primary cell work, cell sorting, flow cytometry, and immunological assays

Translational cancer genomics and bioinformatics

PI / Research subject: Thoas Fioretos / Clinical Sciences


Special requirements: PhD in bioinformatics; experience in Linux and at least one programming language, excellent knowledge in cancer genomics

Translational oncogenomics and cancer liquid biopsies

PI / Research subject: Lao Saal / Clinical Sciences


Special requirements: PhD within the field of cancer biology or related area; experience with transcriptomics, genomics or ctDNA research; excellent English