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About CREATE Health

The translation of basic discoveries to the clinic is slow, expensive, and demanding as it requires multi-disciplinary collaborations involving basic researchers, clinicians, pathologists, patients, and regulatory bodies. Clinical management of cancer also remains a major challenge, and mortality figures have stayed up, despite recent advances in understanding the molecular pathogenesis of the disease. The focus of CREATE Health is to address these problems by integrating cutting-edge technologies with clinical needs. This new multi-disciplinary co-operation breaks down many of the obstacles caused by compartmentalisation of research into distinct subjects and creates a unique translational research environment.  

The mission of CREATE Health is to create an integrative approach to solve complex clinical problems, by developing new techniques and instruments for medical applications - from bedside to bench and back again.

The mission is being achieved by bringing together, both physically and logistically,  investigators from diverse fields, such as technology development within bioinformatics, nanotechnology, proteomics and transcriptomics as well as clinical oncology, cancer genetics and tumour cell biology, in order to create a unique environment to address the new challenges. The centre is formed by Professors Åke Borg, Carl Borrebaeck, Peter James, Carsten Peterson, Sven Påhlman, and Carsten Rose.

The vision of CREATE Health is to create a substantial social impact for the patient, through direct application of research for selection of an optimal, individually-based, cancer treatment and to develop novel diagnostics and therapeutics, based on identified markers and molecular signatures as well as potential targets, the latter through the participation of pharmaceutical industry.

The center is unique in its kind, offering a superbly equipped and integrated “omics” platform concentrated in a single area, directly interacting with the clinicians. Thus, the opportunity to be exposed to this will be a major career opportunity. A recruitment plan to hand-pick a few group leaders in strategically important areas, is in hand.

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